Monday, Dec 15, 2003

Title: 1086

December 2003


Title: 1086

December 15, 2003
12:01 AM

Now, I must admit… that’s not entirely true. Personally, I got only two of the necessary items for my subjob. We fought all day long on the dunes, and every time it came up that ghouls were going to spawn, we fought every single one we found, yet in 8 hours straight of playing, we found ONE Magicked Skull. And Liz rolled higher for it than I did. So, I still need a magicked skull. But the fact remains that we did manage to get the other two items, and got up to about 2/5 of the way to 18. I’ll probably get some help getting the skull tonight.

But really, it just came down to the fact that it’s been AGES since I’ve been able to do a marathon gaming session, and it felt really, really good. It kind of sucked, because Liz was in the bedroom (since her foot is still out of comission, we’ve had her computer on a bedside cart) and Keith and I were in the office. We could shout, but it wasn’t quite as nice. And really, the day took me by surprise. It was like, “okay, let’s play” at 3, thedn boom – “Hey, it’s 8:00…let’s order dinner”, then POW – “Holy crap, it’s midnight. Time to log.” Just WOW. :)

It’s kind of okay, though…because I really only had four more strips in mind for this storyline anyhow, and it was nice to have a full weekend to chill and have fun. Oh, and Lena and Ben came by on saturday and made Beef Stroganoff. From SCRATCH. My GOD that was good. And Keith made a cheesecake from scratch, too. It’s so wonderful to have friends who are so damned good at cooking. :D I can make a mean steak, though. Phear my mad steak skillz.

Anyhow, off to work on tomorrow’s comic so I can be ready to go get that magicked skull tonight. :D Later.