Wednesday, Jan 7, 2004

Title: 1103

January 2004


Title: 1103

January 7, 2004
12:01 AM

So I am back to work again as of yesterday. One month goes by alot quicker than you would expect. Especially when its December and you have all of the holiday activities to attend. Then super especially when your birthday happens to be in December. I just notice that my body seems more tired now than before I went in for surgery. Oh! For those of you who keep asking, I went in for foot surgery. The doctor called the procedure a “bunionectomy”. A bunion, if you don’t know, is a bone connected to your big toe that begins to grow outward. So the inside of your foot by your big toe has a big red bump on it. You would think that a bunionectomy would be simply shaving the bone a bit. Sadly, they had to break my bones and completely restructure it. I actually believe that you have this surgery to put yourself in more pain. That way you forget about how much pain you were in before and think that it helped. It kind of works. You now accuse the surgery for your pain, instead of the bunion. But anyways, there ya have it. I don’t want ANYMORE e-mails asking me what happened. Do you understand me? Have I grossed you out yet?

*ahem* Well our good friend, Cliff, has moved in with us for a short period of time. Not just Cliff, but his two cats. His first cat is about 5 years old, Siamese named Marx. (Named after Groucho not Karl.) The other is his brand new, black kitten named Maverick. (Named after the poker legend, not Ben’s alternate personality.) Well these cats have very strong personalities that seem to class with Greg’s and mine cats. In this corner we have 4 year old, black cat named Diablo. (Named after the devil, not the game.) In the same corner we have a 1 year old, grey/blue cat named Gandalf. (Named after Gandalf the grey, not the white.) So these cats are trying to live together in this small house. Its almost as if we created a feline version of Real World. (This is a true story, TRUE STORY, of 4 cats picked to live in a house and have their lives taped. Cat World-Rancho Cordova.) So its been a little tough around the house.

Siamese are known for their ill tempers. Black cats are known for their sour disposition. Then there is poor little Gandalf, who doesn’t know what to do. Also, it seems as if Maverick just doesn’t care what happens to him, as long as he is alive to tell the tale. (By the way, he got out this morning as I was trying to leave the house. I had to chase him around in order to get him back inside. That span of events must have looked fairly silly since I still can’t walk really well. Stupid cat.) Not only that, but each cat’s owner is VERY in love with their creature. So we are always taking sides or trying to convince each other that our pet is better than theirs. We might have to figure out some way of settling this once and for all! ^_^ I’ll keep you all updated on how the kitty conquest it doing.

Yar! Now et be time fer me ta tell yas bout the booty I got fer me Christmas. Yar! Best Christmas Present goes to: Greg for the awesome Gameboy SP. I have a hard time keeping myself from playing Kirby on it ALL of the time. Worst Present: A ratty old dollar bill. (They could have atleast given me a newer bill! hehe) Best Birthday Present goes to: Greg, for the absolutely beautiful diamond pendant. It is my very first diamond and it is VERY pretty. (BTW, he is still paying back the loan he got from Ben to purchase it.) Worst Present: My family didn’t call me on my b-day! What kind of present is that?!?! Anyways, our Christmas was lovely. We had our tree up, and we drank egg nog and ended up playing a little FFXI. The New Year’s party at Cliff’s place was very cool. We all had WAY too much to drink. It was probably a good idea to not have the web cam on this year. I understand that there was a little bit of nudity. There is a video tape of it somewhere… I just hope no one finds it! *hides*