Thursday, Jan 29, 2004

Title: 1119

January 2004


Title: 1119

January 29, 2004
12:01 AM

Ok, for some reason people aren’t understanding this. So I will write this out as plainly as possible. First, I think I should point out that the comic doesn’t always depict Real Life. ie: We all don’t live in one house. Or we don’t own a time machine. I’m sorry if this was like me telling you that the Easter Bunny isn’t real, but it is true. Also, I don’t want to get a 100 e-mails from people stating that they still thought the Easter Bunny was real. If you are old enough to understand the jokes in this comic, then you are old enough to know. =0P Anyways, on with my rant…

First there was Crystal…

She dated Greg for about a year and a half. She is the girl character that all of the old timers were introduced to. But unfortuneatly, the two of them went their separate ways. They broke up and we began to see less and less of Crystal.

Then there was Liz…

She was the uber gamer girl and gave Tony a run for his money by taking over the world. Her and Greg (yes Greg, not Dave.) dated for a few months but they eventually broke up. Although the relationship was not featured in the comic, it was still there.

Then there is me… the other Liz…

Greg and I started dating in March of 2002. I had been in the comic doing guest spots from time to time, but Greg didn’t make me an actual character until a few months later. I was the girl he met online that lived in Tahoe. I was also the girl that many said wouldn’t be around for very long. But here I am almost 2 years later. My character hasn’t been developed much, but you know that she is into cosplaying and into Disney stuff. (But not Michael Isner… I hate that guy.)

I hope this clears some things up. I figured that if I gave you a pictured summary that you couldn’t really get confused anymore. Lets see if it worked! ^_^

Oh also, don’t send me an e-mail that is titled,”Hi” or “Hello”. I have that darn virus right now, and I just delete anything that says those two words.