Monday, Mar 8, 2004

Title: 1146

March 2004


Title: 1146

March 8, 2004
12:01 AM

By now you may or may not have noticed the little link to the left for Two Drink Minimum studios. No doubt it confuses you greatly. Or doesn’t. I don’t really care. The point is, even though the site it currently points to is more or less nonexistant, TDM is the “studio” Real Life stuff will be affiliated with. It was essentially created by Cliff, Liz and myself as an informal group to affiliate our work with. Cliff is now doing Dr. Devious, and I’m starting to do print stuff (more on that in a few days. Book preorderers, rejoice!) so it’s just sort of a logo for us to tie our creative associations together with. It’ll show up on Dr. Devious, and if any of our friends ever join our little group, it’ll show up there too. TDM isn’t a company… no money is made by it. It’s just a brand. :) Your new overlords welcome you.

Another thing I would like to point out is my hatred for both Slashdot and Why, you may ask? Because both of them, which happen to be high-traffic sites with tons of readers, decided to carry the story about this guy who got a custom made master sword. Now, it’s a nice sword, don’t get me wrong, but what this meant for me is that I got nearly FIFTY BAZILLION E-MAILS telling me about it (and just so you know, I do appreciate the thought from all of you. Seriously. You guys are cool by me.) because the sites are so high-traffic. So, Damn you, Slashdot! Damn you,! Besides… I’ve got my own little custom project in the works. Mooha. *rubs hands together menacingly*