Friday, May 28, 2004

Title: 1205

May 2004


Title: 1205

May 28, 2004
12:01 AM

I don’t even know if this will post, but we’ll see. We’ll start with the most immediate first, and work our way bigger. Currently, both at home and now, come to find, at work, our internet has slowed to a crawl. I noticed it the other day when we were playing FFXI, and the recieve all of a sudden just dropped to 0. It’s been kind of like that ever since. I can’t seem to get the comic to send, no matter how often I try. I can slowly and deliberately surf, but it’s intermittent at best. I’ll get the comic up as soon as I get a clear connection shot to do so.

The bigger bit of bad news, which those of you at Fanime have probably figured out (and, since you are at a convention, you probably won’t be reading this anyway…) is that I’m not there. I was under the impression that I was invited as a guest, seeing as how I was told by a member of the fanime staff that I was, in fact, invited as a guest. I guess that’s not true, as I cannot seem to garner any information from anyone at fanime about anything, so I’m not there. I’m fairly displeased at the way they’ve decided to treat me, but what’cha gonna do? I’ve enjoyed going to Fanime the past few years, and meeting you guys is always nice, but it looks like I probably won’t be going back anymore. *shrug* I guess I’ll enjoy my weekend at home.

So, to balance out this bad news, I figure I’ll let you in on a little non-secret (It’s not really a secret, but as I don’t intend to give you TOO much information, it’s more of a non-secret than public information) – I’m working on a redesign for the site. Since 95% of everyone that visits RL has a browser larger than 800×600, I’m going to finally make a move in that direction. The new site will be geared towards 1024×768, and will feature a javascript-based menu system. Things in the site from my end are fairly cluttered, and there are some things that just don’t have links to them anymore. I intend to make the Java menu a full-site navigation tool. Instead of spiels all being listed on one page, you’ll click the button, and all available spiels will drop down. Also, I’m going to see if I can integrate the Real Life Search Engine into the page, finally. (I know, most of you don’t know about it. I’ve kept it on the down-low, because currently it’s not on my server, and I don’t want to bog down the server of the guy who runs it. We’ve been thinking about moving onto mine for some time now… i figure now’s as good a time as any.) Anyway, I’m still in the design stages of the whole thing (read: Drawing it up in Illustrator) but once I get more towards a final design i’ll post a screenie for you guys to check out. And that’s all for now… hopefully I can get this damned comic to work. TTFN.