Thursday, Jul 15, 2004

Title: 1237

July 2004


Title: 1237

July 15, 2004
12:01 AM

To: The fine folks at Dave & Busters

After a recent experience at an arcade in Roseville, it has come to the forefront of my mind that you do not have a location near me. The nearest Dave & Busters is in Milpitas, which is over a 2-hour drive from my residence in Rancho Cordova, in the Sacramento area.

I feel this is a serious oversight on your part. I would greatly like to partake of your service. There’s no feeling quite like that of entering an arcade that requires you to show your ID at the door. No better experience than playing Dance Dance Revolution while downing your third Martini. Nothing quite like being able to trade in your skeeball tickets for a set of shot glasses. Yet, I am without this fine delight, as I am unable to regularly attend your place of business. I have to content myself with attending arcades surrounded by children who will do nothing more than beat me mercilessly at any game I attempt to play.

Please help ease me into the challenge of growing older by giving me a local place to play games without feeling like the creepy old guy. After all, they were our arcades first, dammit. And let’s be honest, I’ll look a lot better playing DDR if my opponent is blitzed out of his mind.

Sincerely yours,

Greg Dean