Thursday, Jul 29, 2004

Title: 1247

July 2004


Title: 1247

July 29, 2004
12:01 AM

Here’s what I’m thinkin’ for the update schedule for the next few strips. Rather than break up my little streak of comics (an old tradition which I plan to try to return to, by the way), I’m going to post them into the past, so to speak. Wednesday’s strip is up now, on thursday morning. Thursday’s strip will be up friday, and believe it or not, Friday’s strip will be up Saturday. :) I wasn’t able to get two done today, so I figure this will work out fine. Plus, it keeps the archives more or less intact, AND I’ll be back Monday with new stuff like usual. It’s just easier all around for me this way.

And maybe… just MAYBE… I’ll get a chance to write about comic-con. :D We’ll leave that one up to the pilots these next few days, eh? :)