Monday, Jan 17, 2005

Title: 1360

January 2005


Title: 1360

January 17, 2005
12:01 AM

Okay, so check this out. First off, I know the other pages beyond this one look broken right now, but there’s a reason for that. I assure you. See, over the past few days, a reader named Matt Pennig has been being a HUGE help by rewriting my code in CSS, rather than my hackneyed HTML tables layout. There are, as it turns out, two benefits to this. One, it makes writing new pages easier. Less code to worry about, more putting in the content. But the second, COOLEST reason, is that not only does the .css file cache, meaning it doesn’t load every time someone hits the page, but it handles all the layout, meaning my base HTML page is much smaller. AND, he was able to re-write that javascript menu I had completely in CSS. It works faster, and it’s much, MUCH easier for me to update. :D

Now, this does have a few things to address. If you’re using an older browser, you might notice a few problems. This is because you are living in the stone age. Do yourself a favor, and download a new browser. (but please… be nice to yourself and to other web designers – don’t download Internet Explorer version ANYTHING. Instead, learn how nice FireFox can be to you and your loved ones. It might not make a big difference to you, but if FireFox can manage to gain market share, the internet is going to start looking and working a whole, whole lot better.) See? Things WORK better now! Now, that aside, there’s also the issue of the other pages. I’m working on those, but the simple answer is that because of the changes in the file system, a lot of things are going to look screwy. I’m gonna try to fix that over the next few days, but for now, you’ll just kind of have to live with it. :) It’s okay… it doesn’t make things unreadable or anything.

Hopefully, when some of the CSS files get cached and all that, I think we might have some faster download times. Lord knows we need it. (Hopefully things work out with Ukyo getting everything moved to the new place sometime soon.)

Oh, and again, completely unrelated – if any of you guys knows anything about sculpting (decently high-quality stuff) give me a buzz. I’ve got a little project I’d like someone to tackle, and it would really make my day. I might even be able to pay for it. :) Go ahead and e-mail me if you’re interested, and if possible, please attatch photos of stuff you’ve done thus far. Thanks!