Tuesday, Jan 18, 2005

Title: 1361

January 2005


Title: 1361

January 18, 2005
12:01 AM

I know, I know, no comic today. I would have stayed up later to work on it, even though studying last night went till much later than I’d like, but as the server was still down anyway, it made very little sense to do so.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the server being… well… shitty lately. I want to say up front, so nobody thinks otherwise – this is NOT because of my host. Ukyo has been very good to us, especially considering he does it all completely gratis. The problem stems from the fact that I own the hardware, which dooms it to become problematic. Right now, the RAM is acting up. Ukyo’s on the hunt for replacement RAM right now, so hopefully this problem will go away in the near future.

And also thankfully – safety/sanitation reading is over. I’m hoping this means I can finally have free time at nights again. Stay tuned on that one. :D

(Oh, and so you know, I can brunoise an onion like nobody’s business. Oh yeah. WHAT NOW.)