Monday, Jun 6, 2005

Title: 1461

June 2005


Title: 1461

June 6, 2005
12:01 AM

Well… not canonically speaking, of course. :) But yeah – we got our internet back earlier than planned, and as of Friday night, have been connected to the world again.

And, thankfully – I’m starting to feel like I’m back in the groove. A little bit, anyway. Part of it is probably due to the fact that we’re beginning to become “unpacked” at the new place – and amazingly, as much as I loved it before, every little thing we’ve added makes it feel nicer here. It really, truly feels like home. Even my catacomb-like office is inviting to me. (In the front of the house, we have a biiiig closet – big enough to fit my entire desk, plus chair, and still close the doors. I’ll post pictures eventually, once we get the house all unpacked and whatnot.)

And, incidentally – I am LOVING living downtown. Everything is so close, it’s crazy. I’m 2 blocks from a Starbucks. 5 Blocks from both Mikuni and Zen Toro, both good sushi joints. I can either take a brisk walk down to the K Street mall, or I can walk 3 blocks and hop the light rail down to it if I’m feeling lazy. It’s amazingly satisfying. Also nice is the PEOPLE. I know all our neighbors – and they’re around our age. People are walking by all the time – and they’re generally pretty friendly. I feel social. It’s crazy. I usually HATE people. Well, not people. Crowds. But I digress. Living downtown is awesome. I love it. (Still planning to move to washington eventually – I want to buy a house, and I don’t really see it happening here, but still. I’ll enjoy it while I’m here. :D )

That’s really all I’ve got for now. Long and the short – I’m feeling better again. I’m even gonna talk to my shoutcast-monkey about getting RL Radio back up and running. When I feel good, I take on projects. What can I say. :D Later, kiddos!