Thursday, Jun 8, 2006

Title: 1671

June 2006


Title: 1671

June 8, 2006
12:01 AM

So, big news, ladies and gentlemen. I actually meant to talk about this on tuesday, but other things came up, and I forgot. As I am wont to do.

The Forge is BACK! Not maybe gonna be back, not will be back – it’s BACK, baby! Head to Swords Online every TUESDAY from now on, and you can catch your weekly dose of The Forge.

We’ve made a few changes since it was last live – the comic is a little larger now, and it’s nice and obvious when comparing old and new side-by-side that I’ve picked up at least a few tricks since last time. :) I’m going to try and wrap up the current (interrupted) storyline over the next 10 weeks, after which time I’ve got a lot of new ideas that I’ve been building over the last 2 years. So it should be a lot of fun.

I’m going to be fixing the link in the menu above, but I want to get a direct link before doing so, if possible. That should be up later today – in the meantime, you can just head to Swords Online and go to the Entertainment section to find the comic. Enjoy!