Tuesday, Jan 6, 2009

Title: 2141

January 2009


Title: 2141

January 6, 2009
12:01 AM

So, take a gander up at that ad to the left of the comic. Yeah – that one that (currently) probably says “Your Ad Here”. Well, that’s not just one of our little ad sale things… it means what it says. As of today, Real Life is officially biting the bullet and switching to Project Wonderful.

You may have seen some PW ads below the comic from time to time – those were handled by the Blank Label collective, so they were showing up on any BL site. This baby is all Real Life. And it means what it says… if you’ve got something to advertise and you’re the highest bidder – boom. Your ad is up.

Now, I want to take a moment to dissuade anyone from trying to show an ad that would fall under the category of “pornographic”, or uses plain bad taste. I’ve got it set to where I need to approve advertisers the first time ’round, so if you just so happen to run a porn site, well… RL probably isn’t the place for you. Don’t get me wrong. Porn is awesome. But not on MY site. :)

So yes, Real Life has finally joined 2006. I know you all caught on to the PW revolution well ahead of us, but I’m old. I’m slow to adapt. :)