Thursday, Jan 7, 2010

Title: 2370

January 2010


Title: 2370

January 7, 2010
12:01 AM

Wow, it’s been since November that I’ve made a rant in this little space. That’s just awful. Well, I’m making one now! That means something, right? :D

The reason for this little rant is that I figured I’d give you guys a chance in to listen to what is essentially the dress rehearsal of the pseudo-return of the Greg, Liz and Ben show! Except we’re calling it “Two Drink Minimum” this time ’round, ’cause Ben’s girlfriend Karen is joining us for the party!

Before I give more details, I should note that this is NOT a family-friendly show. It’s not like we graphically talk about pornography or anything, but we don’t censor ourselves, and we occasionally set out specifically to offend. So if you’re not really into that kind of thing, don’t tune in… you won’t like it. Everyone else! You can get all the basic info you need to connect to the show TONIGHT at or Also, you can follow @twodrinkmin on twitter for an instant notification when we’re about to broadcast. ADDITIONALLY! Keep your phones handy (or your skype) ’cause we’re going to be taking live calls on the air as well! You can reach the show by calling (408)8DRINK0 (408-837-4650) while we’re on-air. Alternately, you can skype “twodrinkminium” to get through to us as well, so long-distance charges need not apply. :) Don’t be offended if we don’t answer right away, or if we start talking over you when we answer – I may well take the call and not turn you up until we’re ready to talk, so bear with me. :)

Anyway, yeah – that first dress-rehearsal show is gonna be tonight at 8 PM Pacific, and you can find all the relevant details at the websites mentioned above. Check it out! It should be a fun time. :)