Thursday, Jan 21, 2010

Title: 2379

January 2010


Title: 2379

January 21, 2010
12:01 AM

It passed with very little live notice, but we did our first OFFICIAL live Two Drink Minimum show last Sunday. You can get it via podcast now if you missed it, (or see it on Ustream, since we broadcast it there as well) but just so you know, we DO have an official broadcast time now: EVERY Sunday from 7 PM to 9 PM Pacific time. (That’s GMT-8 for those keeping score) I say this so you can note it down in whatever note taking software you have, such that you can LISTEN to us live in the future! We do our own little thing for the most part, but a good portion of our show is audience interaction. We need you guys to call in to make it work. We can’t play game shows for FABULOUS PRIZES (yes, we had a prize. And it was fabulous.) if you don’t call in! So, yeah – Every Sunday, 7 PM Pacific. That’s 10 PM Eastern. And check the details at for how to listen. It’s fun! We promise!