Title: 1880

Wednesday, Jun 13, 2007

June 2007


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Title: 1880

June 13, 2007
12:01 AM

Whooo! Man, I’m exhausted… one of the few times I’ve actually been hit by jet lag. Might have something to do with only having gotten 4 hours of sleep before the flight… but who can tell. :)

So, impressions of New York. WOW. Just wow. I dig that it’s so damn easy to get around where you need to go – NY’s subway PWNS San Francisco’s public transit system… BART just runs pretty much a straight line through the city, and the MUNI Metro is only useful if you’re nearby it… which we’re not. Plus, NY is mostly flat – which lends itself to the whole walking thing. :D But seriously, east coasters… can you do something about that humidity? Maybe just everyone run their dehumidifiers at once or something? Seriously now. :P

Went to see Spamalot on Broadway on Friday! I knew all the songs by heart already, which was both neat and a pain, since I knew all the deviations from them. :D It really was a lot of fun… very faithful to the source material, while at the same time being very unique and funny on its own.

And the best part? I got called up on stage. :D AW YEAH. First time on Broadway, and I was in “the seat”. (those of you who have seen the show will know which seat – I’m not going to say the number though, because it would kill the surprise) I shook hands with none other than King Arthur himself (Sadly, not Tim Curry) and went through an amusing little bit on stage where I was nominated for an Arthur award for Best Peasant. Thankfully, I no longer have a fear of large crowds, and I had the presence of mind to ham it up and play off of the cast, so it was a lot of fun. Long story short, I won Best Peasant (was there any question?) and have a polaroid and a metal statuette to prove it. After further review of the photo, it would seem lancelot was pretty much all over me. (Again, sadly – not Hank Azaria.) Afterwards, we went and had dinner across the street at Sardi’s – FANTASTIC. People from the show kept coming by to congratulate me and whatnot – it was kinda cool. I think some of them might have thought I was a ringer, ’cause I played against the cast so well and wasn’t nervous.

Aside from that, saw pretty much all the required NY sights – went up the Empire State building, saw the NBC studio tour, went to FAO Schwartz, did the lower half of Central Park… that kinda stuff. Also ate at Majestic Pizza (after seeing the Bullshit episode about the WTC, I wanted to go support them. FANTASTIC pizza.) and Les Halles (Anyone who’s read Kitchen Confidential knows why. Food was, again, amazing.)

So, yeah… long and the short? New York ruled. I could probably live there, but the humidity would destroy me… only one or two days were bearable. Also, whatever you do, DO NOT STAY AT THE LARCHMONT HOTEL. Our hotel room this weekend was smaller than the BATHROOM at our hotel room last weekend. I’m NOT. KIDDING. And it was one of those shared bathroom deals, and they didn’t clean the shower every day. *shudder*

One day home, and then it’s off to Vegas. If you’ll excuse me though, it’s like… 3 AM relatively speaking for me. I need bed. *die*