Tuesday, Apr 27, 2021

April 27, 2021

April 2021

Panel 1
Mae: Hi Dr. Deutsch!
Dr. Deutsch: Hi Mae! I can see why you’re in such a good mood! Your most recent bloodwork looks fantastic! You’re actually up into the target estradiol range for the first time, so it seems like the patches are working perfectly!

Panel 2
Mae: So… about the patches. I’m really glad they work, and they’re thankfully not giving me any skin rashes or anything… but holy HECK are they inconvenient.
Mae: Changing them on a staggered schedule means there’s never a time when I don’t have at least ONE on me, and since they come off in the shower, that’s kind of an issue. I have to schedule my showers around patch changing days.

Panel 3
Mae: That, and like… I don’t know how best to describe it, but just having it there all the time is like this omnipresent physical reminder that I’m dependent on it.
Mae: Like, if I were to switch to injections, and after I had an orchi, I could go literally DAYS without having to remind my endocrine system of what it should be doing. That sounds kind of nice, you know?

Panel 4
Dr. Deutsch: Sorry, I’m still hung up on the showering schedule - you shower HOW often?
Mae: Look, I haven’t gone anywhere meaningful in a year, and the spiro has eliminated my body odor entirely. It’s pretty much just a formality at this point.