Friday, Mar 12, 2021

March 12, 2021

March 2021

Panel 1
Mae: Yaaaay it’s here!

Panel 2
Liz: Are you finally gonna share it with me or what? I’m still betting on it being a Star Trek purse.
Mae: Aha, see, you’d THINK that, but no - I decided to go with my OTHER obsessive fandom…

Panel 3
Liz: Ah - Captain Marvel! Nice!
Mae: Yeah, it’s a loungefly one, since you said they were good, but it’s not one of their current styles, so I had to get it on ebay.
Liz: It looks great!

Panel 4
Liz: You realize everyone is going to think it’s a Wonder Woman purse though, right?
Mae: What? No! It doesn’t look anything like Wonder Woman - nobody is going to make that mistake.
Narration: EVERYONE thinks it is a Wonder Woman purse.