Monday, Mar 22, 2021

March 22, 2021

March 2021

Panel 1
Liz: Can you believe we’ve been married SIXTEEN YEARS?!
Mae: Honestly, no - it feels like yesterday.

Panel 2
Liz: Hey, remember on our first date ever, we tried to join my friends at the hotel bar, and you tried to order a soda but they kicked you out because you were only 20?
Mae: You’re damn right I do - and it didn’t even make sense, because they served food!

Panel 3
Mae: I wonder if that bar is still there.
Liz: I mean, it’s possible I suppose - though I think that hotel has changed owners.
Mae: That’s too bad. I’d love to go order a drink there, just for old time’s sake.

Panel 4
Liz: Except now, you’re so old they probably wouldn’t even card you at all.
Mae: But if they did, the look on their face would make it all worthwhile.