Wednesday, Oct 2, 2013

October 2, 2013

October 2013

Greg: As I stand here looking at this tremendous mound of laundry, it seems to me that the combined volume of all closets and dressers in the house aren’t enough. and yet somehow, it all manages to fit. I’ll never understand.

Greg: I just don’t remember bringing this many articles of clothing into the house.
Liz: We have a child now... you have to take that into account.

Greg: But she’s tiny! Her clothes are a quarter the size of ours!
Liz: Sure, but she’s got five million outfits, so it evens out.

Greg: Are you sure we’re not unwittingly washing the laundry of some freeloading transient that lives in the walls?
Liz: No, I’m pretty sure Dave does his own laundry.
Dave: Fuck you!