Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018

October 9, 2018

October 2018

Panel 1
Greg: So, our budget is somewhere in the $20k range. Do you have anything that will work?
Alan: Oh, certainly! We have plenty of models in that range.

Panel 2:
Alan: First, let’s go have a look at this Dodge Ram quad-cab. It’s $27,000, and has…
Liz: Whoah, whoah… that’s way more than 20 thousand.

Panel 3:
Alan: Let’s see… I do have a really nice 4-wheel drive F-150 that’s right around $28 grand.
Liz: Again, NO.

Panel 4:
Alan: Well, if that’s not your speed, I have a Chevy Silverado that’s on the less expensive side. It’s only 32 thousand, so it’s a steal.
Greg: OK, to clarify, when I said the “the $20k range”, I didn’t mean it as a “plus or minus” amount.