Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020

September 2, 2020

September 2020

Panel 1
Liz: I actually think it makes a lot more sense for me to give up my office than for you to give up yours.
Greg: Are you sure about that?

Panel 2
Liz: Yeah, I mean… my office is an actual bedroom with a closet. Yours is basically a den, so it’d be useless as a bedroom.
Greg: Oh… huh. I suppose that’s a good point.

Panel 3
Liz: We have a whole dining nook space in the front of the house that’s barely being used, and we could set up a nice office/crafting space out there - probably with more usable space than this office has, to be honest.
Greg: Oh, that’s a good idea!

Panel 4
Liz: Great! I’m 8 ½ months pregnant, so I can’t help, but I’ll be cheering you on!
Greg: This went from hypothetical to “my life for the next week or so” far more quickly than I was prepared for.