Tuesday, Oct 7, 2003

Title: 1038

October 2003


Title: 1038

October 7, 2003
12:01 AM

Today is the day that a majority of the country has been waiting for. In just a few short hours the Terminator will be elected into office. As California secretly giggles to themselves about what kind of state speeches lay ahead from a man who can’t pronounce the word California we also await the final moments of Davis’ empire. Will he mock Arnold and say the inevitable “l’ll be back”? Will he get tyrannical and destroy secret documents or will he walk away with his tail between his legs? Greg mentioned to me yesterday that there was a parade of moving trucks that circled the capitol yesterday. Who ever came up with that idea is my hero. Not that I think this entire thing is a joke, nor will I discuss politics here. I just thought I should mention that it’s Election Day.

As for the comic today, it’s evidently true. Greg and I had finished Silent Hill 3 and we wanted to see some of the extra features without having to play the last 5 minutes of the game about 5,000 times. So I sent him out to buy an Action Replay. He came back with a sad look on his face crying about how embarrassing it was to purchase this little box of software. “The man kept asking me what kind of games I liked. I told him that I liked all kinds. He said ‘well do you like shooting games or ones that you can do puzzles in?’ I was panicked because it seemed like he thought I truly wasn’t a gamer! “I KNOW what types of games I like. I’m a gamer! Really I am!” Hehe, guys are so funny.