Thursday, Oct 23, 2003

Title: 1050

October 2003


Title: 1050

October 23, 2003
12:01 AM

Okay, at first, I was going to call the people who told me that there was, in fact, a link of 2 steps between Angela Lansbury and Kevin Bacon, obsessive freaks. See, I’m not good at this game, and I was trying to come up with as random a path as possible, for the sake of humor, using IMDB. I WAS going to call them obsessive freaks, but I would say that honor belongs to the creators of the Oracle of Bacon, from which undoubtedly the people who e-mailed me drew their responses. So, now I know about the CHEATER’S WAY to play the game. :) Seriously, though… is it just me, or doesn’t something like this take the fun out of the game? I suppose perhaps it could be used to check your own paths on, to see if there’s a shorter path, but still.

Or maybe I’m just upset that I didn’t find it first. Might be. :)