Thursday, Feb 5, 2004

Title: 1124

February 2004


Title: 1124

February 5, 2004
12:01 AM

See, I started writing this comic, and I get to thinking, “I know I’ve heard this joke before. I swear I have.” I get to thinking it might be a Marx Brothers joke, but I can’t remember. I even went searching through my archives to make sure I hadn’t done it before, and I didn’t find anything with that wording, so I thought I was golden. No, turns out I did this gag with the Alan Extra strips a while back. I had totally forgotten. Poof. My mind is like a steel trap that never gets set. I have a photographic memory, but no film. I have… aw, hell with it. You know what I’m trying to say. I’m grovelling on my knees, begging forgiveness for my bad jokes. I promise to go whip myself silently in the corner before committing ritual seppuku. Happy?

Back to working on the comic. I’ll try not to suck so bad tomorrow.