Tuesday, Feb 10, 2004

Title: 1127

February 2004


Title: 1127

February 10, 2004
12:01 AM

Good morning, everyone! As you’ll notice, we have a new advertiser today. Split Reason clothing will be joining us for a little 10-day ride, so please make it enjoyable for them. No fighting in the back seat- JOHN, that means you! *smack*

Seriously, I had a chance to browse around all of Split Reason’s shirts the other day, and there are a few that I simply must have. Some seriously funny stuff there. Do me a favor and go check it out, if you would. Also, they’re giving everyone free shipping for the next 12 days, so now’s the time to buy, folks. As opposed to those other, less buying-friendly times. So, yeah. Check ’em out. :)

And now, assuming I can find a way to do it without CUTTING MY FINGER OFF, I’m going to go work on the comic. If you want a sneak preview, I can only offer you this little tidbit: Greg is in it. :)