Friday, Feb 13, 2004

Title: 1130

February 2004


Title: 1130

February 13, 2004
12:01 AM

Well Saturday marks the day. This Saturday is Singles Awareness Day or what others like to call “Valentine’s Day”. Either way, it marks the day that Greg and I met on his little forum. 2 years seems like a long time when you think about it, but it goes by VERY quickly. I love ya sweetie! (Greg doesn’t think we first met on Valentine’s. he thinks we actually met when we went on our first date. But you have to understand that women think that once a man notices that you exsist in the world, then thats the day that you met. When will you silly guys get this through your head?) Anyways, I just wanted to wish everyone a good 3-day weekend. (BTW, has anyone been using Greg’s “LeetGreets”? Is anyone sending me the Valentine’s one?

Also, I just wanted to say that I HATE Friday the 13th!