Tuesday, Aug 3, 2004

Title: 1250

August 2004


Title: 1250

August 3, 2004
12:01 AM

So, I’m running into a little bit of a conundrum, and I could use some help.

See, what I’m trying to do is the “simple” task of wiring a phone into a soundboard. Essentially, I need to split the incoming line data into an RCA jack, which would send the sound from someone on the other line talking into the line input on the back of the soundboard. I then need to wire the microphone inputs from the soundboard into the microphone jack of the phone, so that anything said into a microphone is transmitted to the person on the other end. Just to head off suspicions, no, this is not for taping prank calls.

My boggle is this: A phone line pulls down a certain amount of electricity with it. The particular frequency of this current wreaks havoc when applied to the amplified soundboard. I can hear the dialtone, but only under a heavy amount of static feedback.

So basically, if anyone has ever tried to do something like this before, I could really use some help. I’d simply grab one of those phone line recorder doohickeys, but they don’t separate out what you’re saying from what the other person is saying. Put those two together, and you’d get some nasty feedback. If there’s some sort of a solution already figured out for this kind of thing, I would LOVE to hear it (people working at radio stations, this is your cue to help out. :) )

To let the cat just a little bit out of the bag, this is so we can have a phone line for use when we start doing out little internet talk show again. I’m revamping Real Life Radio and getting it ready. I’ll give you more info on that once we get closer to being ready, but for now, I need help with the phone issue. :) Thanks guys!