Tuesday, Aug 17, 2004

Title: 1259

August 2004


Title: 1259

August 17, 2004
12:01 AM

W00t! I’ve been getting e-mails all day today and yesterday from people who have been getting the book, and everyone really digs it so far. That makes me REALLY, really happy. With everything that has cropped up between last august and now, it’s nice to see that the book is finally getting into the hands of people who have ordered it. I’m already seeing some of these e-mails in the context of quotes for the back of book two. :D

As a COMPLETE sidenote, I’m sure many of you recognize the painting on the wall as the Greg and Tim Hildebrandt picture done for UO. Would anyone know where I could procure a decent-sized print of this picture? I have the poster from the old strategy guide, but it came folded, and it wasn’t all that large. I wanna get a nice high-quality version for framing, if such a thing exists. :)