Monday, Aug 23, 2004

Title: 1263

August 2004


Title: 1263

August 23, 2004
12:01 AM

Thanks for sending in all the surveys. We’ve gone over it, and the first one that worked as needed has been found. I’ll get everything tweaked visually the way I want it, and post it in the next few days. So please… stop e-mailing me. ^^D

And I should also mention that while that entry did indeed show up in the list of referrers to RL, I wouldn’t go searching for Fusker if you’re at work. It’s an image extractor, from what I can gather, and more often than not it’s just used for porn applications. Someone decided to set up one for RL, though, which kind of irks me. In any case, Fusk is the Swedish word for “cheat”, so I suppose it’s accurate enough. :)