Thursday, Aug 4, 2005

Title: 1504

August 2005


Title: 1504

August 4, 2005
12:01 AM

If you live in the sacramento area and watched the news today, odds are you actually saw this stuff already, but the crash I talked about in today’s comic actually happened yesterday. I feel a lot like my comic counterpart in these situations – I try my best to find out things, but I feel like I’m always the last to know, even when I’m the first (or second) person people should be talking to about these sorts of things. Anyway – the good news is, nobody was seriously injured. The bad news is – that plane is TRASHED. I went to go take a look at it after they got it with the crane, and it was in at least two pieces. (The guys handling it hassled me, telling me I had to stay back behind the vans, (which I believe is 100% because they were posing the plane for the news crews, and wanted to keep people from walking in the shot) and I was getting ready to go home, so I didn’t force the issue. However, I could VERY easily have “pulled rank” on them and told them to get the plane off MY tarmac and into the community hangar. When I’m on duty, it’s my airport. Nobody but the airport manager – who’s office is at a different location – can tell me what to do on that property. I wussed out this time – but next time, I will not be so easily pushed. Mark my words.)

Our local Channel 10 and Channel 3 covered the story, complete with video and everything. In the channel 13 video, they pan to the right near the end, and you can see Rancho Murieta Airport in all its glory. It’s tiny, insignificant glory. :)