Friday, Aug 26, 2005

Title: 1520

August 2005


Title: 1520

August 26, 2005
12:01 AM

Sorry folks – today’s been kind of a crapshoot. While getting ready this morning, I accidentally burned myself pretty bad on Liz’ curling iron. I spent the majority of the morning curled in bed writhing in pain while waiting for a Vicodin to take effect, then sleeping when the Vicodin DID take effect.

Doctor says it’s just a first degree burn, but it blistered up pretty bad. Thankfully, it doesn’t hurt any more. So anyway, I’m going to basically be working on friday’s comic as soon as I get to work, and should have it up during the day. Those of you with the RSS feed enabled will know when.

And a very specific and probably unneeded word to the wise – if you and your wife get ready for work at the same time in the morning, and share a bathroom with very little space such that it’s usually easiest to simply sit down on the closed toilet to adjust the old shower before getting in, make sure to check that she hasn’t set the curling iron down on the toilet seat before you sit down. Aside from the fact that burning your ass hurts like hell, really all you’re going to do is give your doctor a good hearty laugh.

Not that I’d know or anything.