Thursday, Sep 22, 2005

Title: 1539

September 2005


Title: 1539

September 22, 2005
12:01 AM

So originally, Friday’s comic had the POSSIBILITY of being late, since I wasn’t able to finish it on Wednesday before leaving for Los Angeles. However, because of stupidity on my part by forgetting the power cord, Friday’s comic will now DEFINATELY be late. It’s okay, I didn’t have a fully-fleshed out idea, and maybe something funny will happen at the after-party tonight. Maybe I’ll say something rude and Jewel Staite will kick me in the nads or something. You never know. Maybe I’ll meet Lawrence Fishburne (he IS married to Gina Torres, after all) and he’ll show me how to escape the Matrix. That is what he does, right?

And if you’re wondering how I’m making this post without a laptop, LIZ of course remembered her iBook G4. Which is nice, and all, but without illustrator and my source files, helps me very little. Oh well. Anyway, gotta get ready to go… need to head out to Hollywood from Anaheim now. I’ll fill in the details later. :)