Tuesday, Sep 27, 2005

Title: 1541

September 2005


Title: 1541

September 27, 2005
12:01 AM

Allrighty then. The fever has broken, and all I’m left with is a backache that won’t quit. I’m sure that will subside soon as well. So I figure before I get started on tomorrow’s comic, I may as well recount the events of last week.

So after I got that e-mail from D, (full name withheld on her request) we basically got ready over the course of the week, and drove down wednesday night. I think I actually prefer driving to L.A. at night – no traffic, no landmarks telling you how freaking far you still have to go, and we pretty much did 100 mph the whole way down. (I had the car up to 120 at one point, seeing how fast she’d go. She can still go faster, I just wussed out at 120.)

Thursday was the big day. We got ready, and showed up at the Universal City Walk around 4:30. We walked into the Hard Rock Cafe (the predetermined meeting place) and while we didn’t initially find D, we ran into a large table of browncoats. These are people we didn’t know from adam, and may as well have been our best friends. We weren’t even part of the board, and still they welcomed us in. That’s where I got the whole story about what happened with this premiere thing. Originally, the browncoats were just planning on hanging out at the Hard Rock Cafe and cheering on the cast as they walked by on the red carpet. (the HRC is RIGHT by the theatre) Wind of this made its way to someone at Universal, and they said “No, you guys can come to OUR party”, and invited a number of them in. A LARGE number. The passes were “and a guest” passes, which is how Liz and I managed to get in. (I had previously met D at Comic Con, so it wasn’t as random a thing as it looked like in the comic)

We watched the stars show up, cheering for them one by one. The only one I didn’t see was Gina Torres – kind of a bummer. Even the dude who played Badger in the first episode was there. At around 7:20, we decided it might be a good idea to get our butts inside. (The movie started promptly at 7:30.) We walked by Jewel Staite and Summer Glau on the way inside, which was pretty cool. Sean Maher was addressing the crowd at that point, too. Now, I THINK the Browncoats had their own theatre… I didn’t see any of the cast in ours. (There was something like 1600 people at this shindig. No way it was just going to be one theatre.)

The movie was great, even the second time ’round. It had a real score, a few minor edits, and finished special effects and sound effects. Better than the screenings, so if you saw one of those, you’ll DIG the finished product. Believe me.

The cool part was the after party, though. After the movie, they directed us all outside and on to the back lot where they were holding the party. It was actually part of the park – the area where the Terminator 2 ride is. Free drinks, food, and booze for everyone. Very cool. We were initially kinda bummed though – the “main” party in the ballroom area was initially closed off to everyone but a select few by security. We thought that was that, but not too long after, we noticed that it was pretty much open. That’s when the real fun started.

Right off the bat, we walk in, and I see Neal Patrick Harris standing there. The bummer is, nobody knows his real name. They only know him when you say “Doogie Howser”. I feel bad for the guy. So as I’m making my way over to shake his hand and thank him for being the only funny part about “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle”, Allison Hannigan walks by. I shook her hand and told her it was an honor to meet her. She seemed to be heading somewhere, so it was a real quick meeting, but cool nonetheless. And I cannot stress this point enough – all the women actresses we met – the screen simply does not do them justice. Allison always plays the nerdy chicks, but in person, she is beyond hot. (I have permission from Liz to make this assessment. She agrees. I will be spending no time on the couch for this, thank you.) After that, it was pretty much rapid-fire handshaking and coversation. I met Alan Tudyk (Wash) briefly, and found out to my dismay that his last day in “Spamalot” is December 1st. So I won’t get to see him as Lancelot on Broadway. Damn. Briefly shook hands with Ron Glass (Shepherd Book), which was pretty cool. We met Morena Baccarin (Inara Serra), and she suffered most grievously from the screen. In Firefly and Serenity, she’s always covered up in these big dresses and gowns. I believe it was Liz who made the observation that “she had a body that just wouldn’t quit.” Her words, not mine. She was incredibly sweet, too. Briefly met Sean Maher (Simon Tam), also cool. I didn’t have a lot to say, just shook his hand, congratulated him on the movie, and commented that it was very cool of universal to invite us regular schmoes to the party. We also met Summer Glau (River Tam). Let me tell you – she plays a creepy character, but she is so sweet in person. She actually talked with us a little. I told her it was nice to finally see River have a PART… and even some moments of lucidity. She said “I know! I finally get to do something other than be weird all the time!” I told her “If it’s any consolation, and I mean this in only the BEST way, you play an AWESOME psychopath.” I made her laugh. Job done.

Best part of the whole night, though, was actually meeting Joss Whedon. He was just wandering around, doing his best to meet everyone. I got my chance, and asked if he had a public e-mail address that he checked. He said not yet, but he was talking to some people about setting one up. (Hell, I’ve got a gmail invite. Let’s do this.) I say, well okay, all it really was is that I’m an online cartoonist, and today’s (thursday’s) comic had him in it, and I wanted to send it to him. And even before I finish my sentence, he says “Oh yeah… I saw that!” I about hit the floor. He thanked me for not making him look fat. (I guess people tend to make him seem fat or something – dude is in SHAPE, though. Maybe he’s lost weight, but seriously. He’s probably skinnier than me.) I told him no offense on the whole buffy/angel thing, and he waved his hand and said “Nah, please. Not everyone’s thing.” We congratulated him on the movie, and assured him it’d do great. (spoke with quite a few people who had never seen firely, and they all loved the movie.)

Here’s the real kicker – while I was talking to Joss, the guy standing right next to us said “Wait, you’re the guy who does Real Life?!” Right then and there, my life was given new meaning. :) Nothing beats talking to one of your heros, and have someone recognize you while doing so. Dude, if you’re reading this, send me an e-mail. You made my night. :D

So, that’s about it. Awesome party. Universal kicks ass. D Jackson is my personal hero. Kinda bummed not to meet Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin, and Jewel Staite, but it’s all good. And I met Nathan Fillion at the Roseville screening, so I figured it was okay. But yes – you MUST go see Serenity this Friday. We gotta make them box office types fall out of their chairs with how well this movie does, so we can see the other two Joss has up his sleeve. :)