Wednesday, Nov 4, 2009

Title: 2

November 2009


Title: 2

November 4, 2009
12:01 AM

I had no choice. I had to unleash the fury of the MS Paint on you guys today. Why? ‘Cause apparently you guys didn’t think I was serious when I said I wasn’t gonna be drawing comics this week on account of packing up every last object I own. Noooo. You had to be complacent. Well look what your complacency has gotten you… JAGGIES. I certainly hope you’re happy.

In Mr. McManus’ defense, he DID make the comic focus on boobs, something I fully endorse, even if he did have to use the blackest of black programs to draw it. My hat is off to you, Sean.

But seriously people, for reals! Now is your chance to shine! To get your work out there and noticed! To make ENDLESS fun of me in my own strip without fear of recourse! And remember – drawing my characters in your own unique style is always awesome, and makes my day. (And, failing that, following Sean’s lead and making the comic about boobs in some way, shape, or form will generally do the trick, too. :) )