Thursday, Nov 5, 2009

Title: 2456

November 2009


Title: 2456

November 5, 2009
12:01 AM

(A quick kudos on the guest strip, by the way… only one thing could be MORE base than doing a comic with MS Paint. Earl discovered what that was. He even sent me the .txt file!

SO. Next weekend is the 10-Year anniversary of Real Life’s inception. And with the move, my mind has been so warped I haven’t even had a spare moment to THINK about it. And if I’m gonna do something, I gotta do it fast… so I’ve put together a poll in the forums that has a few options, and I’ll probably add more as I get suggestions, but I really just need feedback on how many people are interested in coming to something and where. So…. help! Go vote in the poll and let me know if you’re interested in coming to something like this. Thanks! (Bedtime nao. No rest for the wicked, or the soon to move.)