Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009

Title: 2331

November 2009


Title: 2331

November 10, 2009
12:01 AM

So, last night while Liz and I were out to dinner, we were discussing what to do about the anniversary party thing… and out of nowhere, Liz suggested Bowling.

OF COURSE! It’s perfect – there’s usually a pretty good amount of space to hang out, there’s an activity anyone can participate in, and we can even have a tournament if we so desire!

So head on over to the e-vite and let me know if you’ll be coming (mostly so I can give them a better count… I’ve already informed them we’re planning this) and getcher butt out to Brentwood Bowl in South San Francisco this coming Sunday! The cover charge is only ten bucks, with $0.25 games and shoe rentals, so we can go hog wild with all the bowling we can muster. Don’t miss it!