Title: 1062

Monday, Nov 10, 2003

November 2003


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Title: 1062

November 10, 2003
12:01 AM

I am beginning to get a little scared about going to SugoiCon next week. We leave by plane next Thursday. Oh did I mention that I HATE FLYING!!! You see, I’m one of those people who panics about dying in some terrible plane crash. It has nothing to do with September 11th. Greg keeps trying to tell me that flying is MUCH safer than driving. I tell him that I have been able to walk away from quite a few car crashes in my life. (One of which I really shouldn’t have walked away from.) But you never see anyone on a commercial airline walk out of the ocean and say,”Wow, that kinda sucked. What am I going to tell my parents?” No one walks away from commercial crashes. Ok, sometimes people are able to walk away from the little 2 person planes because they were lucky enough to be able to land them, but that not what we are taking. I think we are take a 757 or something big like that. I have been on a plane quite a few times in my life too. I’ve been to New York, Florida, Chicago, Kansas ect. Each time I get terribly freaked out. I just dislike flying.

I’m a little nervous about Greg being one of the “special guests” also. I don’t know what I should be bringing or what kind of time we have on our hands or whatnot. I’m nervous about meeting Matt Boyd and Ian McConville from Mac Hall. Oh sure I have seen him on Final Fantasy 11 alot. (For some reason he always seems to be on. ALWAYS.) But still, I think its all going to be a bit nerve racking. I have checked their website about a million times hoping they are going to post something relating to the con so that I will know a little bit about what happens there. But alas, they ave not. What is a poor girl supposed to do?

By the way, to all of you that e-mailed me regarding what you guys did during the beta, or what they were testing. I know what they were testing. I think its a little silly for them to take a 3-6 month beta test for something as little as translation. They weren’t testing a “new” client really. Sure the PlayOnline browser is windowed now, but there isn’t really that much there that is different from the Japanese one. Also, I think its funny that they started the beta for the Playstation2 a month before they started the beta for the PC, and yet the PC is out first. I understand a little about that though. They are having a helluva time trying to get those darn hard drives to work properly. Those silly Sony people. You guys are probably a little tired of hearing about FFXI anyways. So I’ll just stop there.

Well tune in next week for the thrilling finale. Will Liz die in a terrific plane crash? Will she ever find out anything about this convention she is going to? Will she get one of her costumes done in time to take with her? Tune in next time, same bat time, same bat station. .:Liz:.