Title: 1078

Tuesday, Dec 2, 2003

December 2003


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Title: 1078

December 2, 2003
12:01 AM

Well tomorrow is the big day. I go in for surgery and leave work for a month. You would think that this is a blessing in disguise since I don’t have to do anything for awhile, but it isn’t. My work just hired a new “graphic designer” which I have to train before I leave. The problem is that he doesn’t know much about the programs we are working with. Also, December and January are our largest months out of the year. So I have that stressing me. Then I realized that I am in fact having surgery tomorrow. Well if I am healthy enough to have the orperation done. I think someone at SugoiCon gave me SARS. No I think they really did! I came back with an ear infection, nasea, a cough, a fever and a running nose. Some how I am always sweating. ALWAYS. It could be 60 degrees in the house and I am pouring sweat like I’m in a humid 100 degree temps. But enough grossing you out.

SugoiCon was a blast. I won’t give away too many details so that you all read Greg’s con report. In the meantime, here is my view of the con. I don’t have any pictures. I’m upset that Fansview didn’t have any pictures of me in my super cute kitty costume I wore, but oh well. I’ll skip past Thursday since it was mostly flying and trying to find a place to eat. The trip gave me a little bit of a shock since Ohio and Kentucky allow smoking indoors. Not only that, but they don’t have a “non-smoking” section. Here in California, you can’t smoke indoors. Period. So Greg and I were very confused each time we left our hotel room. There were people smoking in the lobby, inside the hallways, at the restaurants…EVERYWHERE! This may not seem odd to most of you, but it shook me up pretty badly.

Friday was alot of “hurry up and wait”. Since it was the first day, the con staff had alot on their minds so we would have to rush to get somewhere, then when we arrived we were told to sit and wait. Greg didn’t realize that he had to say something at the opening ceramonies. I think he may have gotten a little nervous. (He probably didn’t even get stunned, but I know I would have been a little freaked out.) We got to go out to lunch with some of the other guests at the con. (SugoiCon probably has the award for the nicest guest ever!) Then it was selling time! Greg and I got out our ninja selling technques. We even went as far as stealing our bedsheet to use as a table cloth! Talk about stealthy! People didn’t even know they were purchasing things we were so good! (Ok so people weren’t buying things… we are terrible selling ninjas.) That night was the best though. We gathered together a group of people to go to Gameworks. Gameworks is an arcade and bar combo. Pretty much its an adult geek’s dream. We had a blast there. One of the guests, Taliesin Jaffe, had a bunch of tickets to spend so we bought 2 sticky hands, about 12 tatoos and a frisbee to take home. After getting hyped up on booze, games and adrenline we left. On the way home we proceeded to get lost. So to pass the time (remember we are hyper) we found some cotton in the car and began attaching them to Matt Boyd’s head. (Pictures coming soon.) Then we got back to the hotel and promptly went to tossing around the frisbee in the hotel lobby.(Kids, please don’t try this at home.) Well we had security called on us and they took our frisbee away. So we went to bed.

Saturday the selling ninjas came out again. They did a little better than on Friday, but still nothing spectacular. Then we had our panel. They didn’t have a moderator, so I grasped the reins myself (since I wasn’t getting asked any questions.) and ran the panel. Greg left the panel feeling good about it. He said that this was probably one of the best panels he had ever been on because they asked really good questions. While we were out partying on Friday, I was asked to be one of the judges for the cosplay contest. I was so honored to be asked. So I rushed upstairs after the panel and put on my gothic kitty costume I made. It was super uber cute! ^_^ Then I rushed back to start judging. It was so much fun to be with all of the judges and getting to see all of these costumes up close. You can see the winners on the fansview page.

Sunday I woke up with SARS. I swear that I am going to kill whoever came to that con with SARS and then shook my hand. I’ll get you! I’ll get you!!!! *shakes fist at the air* So I don’t remember much of the day since I was feverish and halucinating. I just remember talking with Emma and making her monkey protect himself from Kei. Although now it kind of sounds like that might have been a halucination also. Then that night I didn’t sleep. I felt very nauseated and had to ride the plane home the next day. That was probably the worst part of the trip. Good news is that I didn’t have a heart attack this trip! The plane didn’t freak me out at all.

I am sure Greg’s report will have pictures. Until I write again, wish me luck on a smooth recovery and I will rant when I wake up from my pain killer comas.