Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021

November 9, 2021

November 2021

Panel 1
Dreamcast: Heya! Whatcha doin’ now?
Tony: Going to my lab. Why should I be forced to deal with sub-par assistants anyway? I’ll just make my own.

Panel 2
Dreamcast: Oooh, robots? I thought you swore off robots after I… um…
Tony: After you imprisoned us in the holodeck against our will? Yeah, I’m still pretty anti-A.I. right now. So no, not robots.

Panel 3
Tony: You know what they say... if you want a job done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Only in my case, I can get someone else to do it myself!

Panel 4
Dreamcast: Is a clone of yourself really the only person you’d trust?
Tony: Are you kidding?! I’m the LAST person I’d trust!
Dreamcast: I know everything, and you’ve totally lost me.