Thursday, Sep 12, 2013

September 12, 2013

September 2013

Dave: Did you hear this crap about Roland Emmerich pushing for three new Stargate movies?
Greg: What?! How is that crap? new Stargate would be awesome!

Dave: Sure, except that he’s planning them to follow the storyline of the original ‘94 movie, ignoring all the continuity set in place by the three TV series’.
Greg: I don’t see the problem with that. I loved the TV shows, but I fell in love with the movie a full decade before I even gave SG-1 a chance. It’d be cool to see what the original creators would have done.

Dave: Okay, but it wouldn’t feature Kurt Russell or James Spader... it’d be a reboot with different actors.
Greg: Fair enough. Russell and Spader don’t really look anything like they used to, so they wouldn’t really work anyways.

Dave: Damn it Greg, I am trying to work up a decent nerd rage about this, and you are FAR TOO CALM.
Greg: I’ve spent the last few days away from the internet. I’m out of touch with my wellspring of hate.