Thursday, Sep 19, 2013

September 19, 2013

September 2013

Greg: Well, you could just delete the character and start again, but since she’s a legacy character from version 1.0, you’d lose out on a unique character tattoo that can’t be gotten any other way.
Liz: So that’s out, then.

Greg: And while I can run to Gridania relatively easily, my character started in Ul’dah, so my story quests all take place there.
Liz: And mine all take place in Gridania, I assume.
Greg: Right.

Greg: So I’m thinking the best solution is for me to create an alt in Gridania so we can level together, get to level 10 so you can change jobs to Thaumatuge, then run to Ul’dah so you can level alongside my main. then, once you hit level 10 Thaumaturge, you and my alt can run back to Gridania to do the storyline quests up until level 15, at which point all three storylines converge, and then I can play my main.

Liz: I’m pretty sure the heist from Ocean’s Eleven was less complex than this plan.
Greg: That’s because Square-Enix didn’t design the vault.