Tuesday, Sep 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

September 2013

Liz: Hey, since I know you probably forgot, remember that I got an artist’s alley table at Sac Anime this weekend.
Greg: I resent that...but since I totally forgot, thank you for the reminder.

Greg: Wow, it’s going to be weird being at a booth at a convention, but not for the comic.
Liz: I just want to make sure I have enough stock for the show. since I won’t be able to sell diapers, I want to have a bunch of towels and patches on hand.

Greg: Well, okay... but I’m the one that does all the embroidery, so you’re basically just saying “Greg, here’s a bunch of extra work for you to do this week”.
Liz: I’d say that’s a pretty good assessment of the situation, yeah.

Greg: You know, I’ve heard talk amongst the employees about unionizing. Just saying.
Liz: Talking to yourself in the bathroom does not count as office gossip, Greg.