Tuesday, Sep 17, 2013

September 17, 2013

September 2013

Greg (As Maelyn): OK, I’m in the adventurer’s guild. Let me know when you’re done with the intro.
Liz: OK, just gimme a few, minut- wait, what?

Greg (As Maelyn): What’s wrong?
Liz: I’m in the little intro video, but it’s showing me in white mage gear instead of black mage.

Greg (As Maelyn): Didn’t you pick Thaumaturge?
Liz: Oh, crap... no, I accidentally picked conjurer. I couldn’t remember which one led to black mage. It’s OK, I can just switch classes at level 10, right?

Greg (As Maelyn): Sure, but you start in Gridania, which is a 45-minute run through high-level zones from Ul’dah.
Liz: I love you, but you and I both know which of us is making that run, right?
Greg (As Maelyn): *Sigh* I’ll be there in a bit.