Tuesday, Jan 2, 2007

Title: 1785

January 2007


Title: 1785

January 2, 2007
12:01 AM

So we’ve been running the store ourselves for a while, and it’s actually turned out pretty well, I think! People are getting things on time, we’re not having to deal with a middleman – it’s all pretty much gravy.

But then we have the problem of inventory. And it’s not really all THAT bad, except in the case of one item – the Earbud Winders. These are nifty little gadgets, and I’ve got ’em on pretty much everything with headphones, but they just don’t move. So, in the interest of getting these bad boys into your hands, we’ve decided it’s time for our first sale – iGeek Earbud Winders are now 40% off, which puts them at a much nicer $5.95.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself an earbud winder today! Your portable electronics will thank you for it.