Thursday, Jan 25, 2007

Title: 1798

January 2007


Title: 1798

January 25, 2007
12:01 AM

I wondered to myself after leaving “Snakes on a Plane” how Jeff Rowland must have felt to see Sam Jackson wearing his t-shirt. Now I’ll admit – Adam Savage is not Sam Jackson, but imagine my delight after getting home tonight to watch the Mythbusters episode on my TiVo to see one of the shirts Adam was sporting!

We sent it to him back when we ordered these, for a few reasons – We’re huge fans of the show, and it was kind of a way of saying thank-you; He seemed to be a connoisseur of funny t-shirts; and hey – he’s local. I worked five blocks from the M5 offices for a while. I never thought he’d actually wear it on the show, though. That blew my freaking MIND.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the YouTube video – I tried to embed it, but the rant system ate it. I’ve got Phillip checking it out. :) Take care!