Monday, Jan 8, 2007

Title: 1789

January 2007


Title: 1789

January 8, 2007
12:01 AM

Hey everyone! Turns out this thursday here in the city, there’s going to be a launch party for “Lost Planet”, which is soon to be released on the Xbox 360. It also turns out that Liz and I have been invited as VIPs to said party. It ALSO turns out that I magically have thursday off – so I can go.

And it ALSO turns out that said party is open to the public! (Username is “Genesis” and the password is “111”) So what this all adds up to is, if you’re free this Thursday (that’s the 11th) and you’re anywhere near San Francisco from 8 to midnight, you can come by and have a good time checking out the game, as well as hanging out with Liz and myself. So be there! It’s a moral imperative.