Monday, Jan 29, 2007

Title: 1800

January 2007


Title: 1800

January 29, 2007
12:01 AM

So, a few things to lob your way before I hit the sack this monday morning.

First off, you remember I went to the Sunnyvale midnight madness WoW Burning Crusade release, right? Well, not only did we get collector’s editions for Liz and Myself, but we bought and extra as a gift for one of our friends. Only it turns out, after telling him about it, he’s already GOT a copy. So I figured I’d put it up on ebay and get this puppy outta here. Not only is it signed by the devs on the cover of the box, we had them sign the inside of the book as well. Also, we’re tossing in the poster and stickers we got from the opening – you can’t see the stickers too well from the pictures on the auction, but there’s one for the blood elves and one for the dranei. It’s a pretty damn sweet collector’s edition, too – I still haven’t gone through all the goodies in mine – and remember, it comes with a code you can use to get an in-game netherwhelp pet on ALL characters for your account. That’s pretty damn sweet, and it’s a cute little bugger. Also, if the winner is a Real Life fan, I’ll toss in some RL goodies – a sketch and a signed print of the comic I made about waiting in line for the game in question. Maybe something else, too – I’m sure I can find something. Anyway, check it out.

Next up, just wanted to give an update on the “Charisma 20” shirts. We have them ordered and whatnot from our printer, but we hit a snag with the ladies shirts – When the new year hit, Anvil decided to suddenly discontinue the shirt we were going to use. And it’s been a royal pain in the ass to find something by another producer that’s even close to what we were imagining. So, our printer gave us an alternate option – they’re going to custom-dye these shirts for us at no additional cost, to match EXACTLY the men’s shirt color. (which was the original intended color) It’s pushed the arrival of them back ever so slightly, but it’s for the greater good, since now we can pick a ladies’ cut that more closely matches what I envisioned, and the color will be perfect. Also, it’s a good learning experience, and it also means that I now know we have this option in the future, and won’t necessarily be bound to the colors a given shirt company is willing to provide. (They very rarely offer men’s and women’s shirts in the same colors, frustratingly.)

Also, preorders will be ending for the Wii Gym shirts this week, so get your orders in fast! These ones won’t have any sort of problems – it’s an ash grey shirt with a single color printing. Fairly standard stuff. :)

And last, but most certainly least, I retract my hatred for the person who took the name “Maelyn”. Sure, they apparently don’t really even play it, but thanks to a suggestion from a reader, I was able to secure the name “Mælyn”, which let’s be honest – looks totally more awesome and blood-elfish. Sure, you might have to type alt+0230 to send me a whisper, but you can deal with it. :)