Wednesday, Jul 18, 2007

Title: 1881

July 2007


Title: 1881

July 18, 2007
12:01 AM

Hey all! Well, the time has come to part ways with Blue Thunder, my 180 CC Yamaha scooter. (It hasn’t made it into the comic yet, but you remember it from here.) I loved the hell outta this thing, and without it, I would have been riding a bus for an hour every day to and from school and La Folie, but alas, since finishing with my externship, I haven’t really needed her. And we’re currently trying to raise money for our trip to the United Kingdom, (Tokonatsu FTW!) so the time has come to sell her. If you’re interested, the Craiglist posting can be found here.

We’re also selling a few other things too – most of these are in Sacramento, but the Helmet and TV are here in the City with us.

Think of this as our ‘gots to go to Europe fund’. :D