Thursday, Jul 19, 2007

Title: 1882

July 2007


Title: 1882

July 19, 2007
12:01 AM

The sad thing is, this time, I was parked up on our street in Diamond Heights – a safe, residential neighborhood – and there was nothing to steal, either visible or hidden. I have no idea why this guy decided he had to smash my window – his net profits from this theft include a pair of Liz’ cheapo plastic sunglasses (from the glovebox) and a tin of Jones Soda Candy from the center console. (And believe me, he’s welcome to it. That stuff is AWFUL.)

The sad thing is that despite his ineptitude in choosing a vehicle to burgle, his handiwork on the passenger-side window ended up costing me $154 that I don’t really have to replace it. (Our comprehensive deductible is too high to cover it) That combined with the missed work made today TONS of fun. *growl*

San Francisco is rapidly losing it’s sheen. Two breakins in less than a month. Two UTTERLY different locations. What are the odds?