Title: 1049

Wednesday, Oct 22, 2003

October 2003


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Title: 1049

October 22, 2003
12:01 AM

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts recently. With that taken care of, I would like to RANT about what my day was like today. (You will probably be reading this the day after, but you know.)

So I started out by having trouble waking up this morning. When I got to my job this morning, I saw that my desk had been taken over by some kind of disastrous being. Something that many like to call “paperwork”. I have no idea why it is there. Work had been slow all last week and then I return to find that I have SO much work that my basket is over-flowing. Thats not really the bad part.

Yesterday while I was eating my sourdough bacon cheeseburger from Burger King, I discovered a piece of onion inside it. The way I discovered it was by biting into it. Well this may not sound so terrible to you, but I happen to be highly allergic to onion. So I felt VERY sick the rest of the day. So when I ordered chinese food today, I expected there to be the 3 pieces of onion ontop like there usually is, and then I would move on. Wouldn’t you know it, they made this batch MOSTLY ONION! So after about an hour of picking these onions out, I went back to work.

I am a graphic designer for an advertising agency. (I’m actually the only graphic designer.) There is this one customer who I did about 20 ads for. Well he is such a pain in the butt, that I have to change some really insignificant thing on all of these ads. (These little things end up taking longer than it would if I were to re-create the entire thing.) Well while I was re-creating one of these images in Illustrator, the program shut down on me. All I did was drag and drop, and it shut down. What program can’t handle drag and drop? Not only that, but the program failed to save properly. So I had to do ALL of the work again. (Mind you, the items I was working on today ended up taking ALL DAY to do.)

Well about half way through my day, I receieve a package that has my “new” cell phone in it. (About a week ago I bought a cell phone off of E-bay for about $21.) When I opened the package, I found 1 cell phone, 1 battery (not inside the phone) and 1 charger. Plus there was sand inside and it was VERY dirty. I tried to make the best of it by washing it off. About the time that I get it set up with AT&T, the screen starts to make all the letters upside down and jumbled. Luckily, Greg was able to do a temp fix on it. (He and I work down the street from one another.)

As the day came to a close, Greg and I thought it might be a good idea to see if I qualified for an upgrade since I have had the phone for about a year and a half now. (My first phone was bought new but was still old. It is a Panasonic Versio EB-TX320. The “new” phone is a Nokia 3360.) It turns out that I do qualify for a new phone. He even goes through the trouble of letting me choose which phone I want to upgrade to. So I chose the phone with the color screen and the polyphonic ringtones. I chose this one. After all of that, he tells me that I owe $100. Now why is it called an upgrade if I have to pay $100. But the real kicker out of all of this is that if I were to sign up with them right now. So if I were to just upgrade now and sign another year contract, I could get this “free” phone for $100. Why is it that a new customer gets treated better than an exsisting customer? I can see that they would want people to join, so they add incentives. But why do I have to be screwed because I’m already a customer? Also, why do I have to wait a friggin’ year in order to get the ability to purchase another phone? I went to 3 different stores to ask the price of this phone. ( I was afraid I was going to get ripped off.) They all said the same thing. Actually, one store said it was more expensive for me to get the new Nokia than it was for me to get this even nicer Ericsson! I just don’t really want to pay $200 to get a nice Ericsson for free. (Activation, deposit, ect.) If any of your have any idea or “in” with the company, please let me know. If you want to buy me the phone and send it to me, I will gladly give you my mailing address. hehe. ^_^ But I am crying for help!

During this time, I am looking for a new case to replace the dirty one that came in the mail. It is VERY difficult to find a nice looking case for a Nokia 3360. All the ones I found were bright pink or clear. Yuck. We did find some, but they were $10- 25. I have found some online, but I’m just not happy with them. So thats another strike against me.

Then, while we were at dinner this evening, I ordered a salad. I realized that I forgot to ask for it without onion. I didn’t think it would be a problem since they usually put 3 rings ontop and call that good. But when it arrived at my table, it seemed to be made entirely out of onion. Why is everyone trying to kill me? hmmm?

So lets recap. Liz is tired. Burger King tried their hand at homicide. Illustrator can’t handle “drag and drop”. Buying a cell phone on e-bay was a stupid decision.At&t loves new clients, but hates current clients. If you have a way of helping poor Liz out with getting a new polyphonic/colored phone, she will give you her address. Cell phone face plates aren’t the fashion statement they once were. Olive Garden wants to kill Liz. Yup. That sums it all up.